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In touch with its past, but far ahead of its time
This powerful, versatile, next-generation bagger treats riders to a hint of tradition and a strong dose of distinctive attitude.

All-New Chassis Design
A unique chassis with a 25° rake delivers unmatched handling & balance even when fully loaded. Without the added weight of a fairing, the Indian Springfield™ can carve corners like no other bike in its class.

Hard Saddlebags
Your cargo is protected inside convenient, spacious hard saddlebags that have lockable lids with weatherproof seals. The lids can be locked electronically using a console-mounted button or the bike’s key fob.

Trunk-Compatible Touring Chassis
The Indian Springfield™ is equipped with the most essential touring features, including a trunk-compatible chassis that allows for enhanced passenger comfort & storage.

ABS & Cruise Control
This advanced, automotive-quality braking lets you ride with confidence and helps you stop under control. Easy to set and adjust, the cruise control enhances your enjoyment during highway cruising.

Driving Lights
With standard front driving lights, the Indian Springfield™ illuminates the road for safe riding, day or night.

Quick Release Windshield
This stylish windshield provides outstanding wind & weather protection to make every ride more comfortable. With Quick Release technology, it can be installed or removed in less than a minute with no tools.

119 ft-lbs of Torque
The Thunder Stroke 111 produces 119 ft-lb of torque with tremendous power at low RPM. You can accelerate hard with power to spare in every gear.

Keyless Ignition
Never fumble with a key again. With the proximity key fob in your pocket, just climb on, start it up & ride away. Misplace the fob? Just enter your personal security code and ride on.

Cast Aluminum Frame
The Indian Springfield™'s cast aluminium frame is lightweight yet exceptionally strong. It provides excellent low-speed handling and confidence-inspiring stability at highway cruising speeds. 


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