Blade Motorcycles Indian Rides

We will be doing a ride outs on the last Sunday of the month (April- September). These are a great day of fun filled riding with friends, were you can take advantage of the experience of Blade staff to route out some of the best roads and country side at our disposal. Check out the Google maps routes below.

Loomies Café

View Loomies Cafe (one way) in a larger map

Bournemouth bacon butties

View Bournemouth breakfast run in a larger map

Cheddar Gorge

View Cheddar Gorge in a larger map

Wales, the little one

View Wales, the little one in a larger map

Wales, a big day out!

View Wales, a big day out! in a larger map

Full details of which routes we will be using are issued on the Friday before the ride and it’s “more the merrier” so feel free to bring your mates along!

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