Thu, 09 Aug 2018

Lee Munro Returns to Bonneville Salt Flats Aboard Indian Scout “Spirit of Munro”

Indian Motorcycle has announced that Lee Munro - the great-nephew of the legendary Land-Speed racer Burt Munro, will attempt to break the 200mph at Bonneville Salt Flats this August.

With the Indian Motorcycling engineering team behind him and equipped with the newly modified Indian Scout dubbed “Spirit of Munro”, Lee Munro is back and getting ready to surpass his former official speed of 191.286 mph at the upcoming annual Bonneville Speed Week.

Due to be running in the MPS-G (Modified Partial Streamliner) 1,350 cc class, Indian Motorcycle's engineering team have been working hard to refine the Indian Scout Streamliner, applying modifications to the intake and carrying out minor body adjustments, to ensure Munro is equipped with everything he needs to break into the exclusive 200-mph club and beat his official run of 191.286.

Indian Motorcycle was honoured to partner with the Munro family last year in order to pay tribute to Burt's incredible achievements including the land-speed record set in 1967 aboard a 1920 Indian Scout.

“My great uncle Burt is a significant inspiration for my own motorcycle racing career, and his appetite for speed is clearly a part of my DNA,” expresses Lee Munro. “Partnered with the exceptional team at Indian Motorcycle, I know we can make our dreams of hitting 200 mph a reality.”

Speed Week will be running from the 11-17th August 2018 in Bonneville, Utah. Comprising of a 6-day event that has been created for tenacious riders who not only aspire to be record holders, but to ride at one of the most legendary locations for speed runs.